Opkikker Foundation

The Opkikker Foundation is committed - day in, day out - for families with a sick child. In a life full of hospital visits, examinations and uncertainties, it is important that families can relax completely from time to time.


And that is exactly what the Opkikker Foundation does. The Opkikker Foundation takes these families to a world where the disease does not play a leading role: a unique Opkikker world. A world in which they move heaven and earth to realize the most beautiful dreams.

In this way, families with a sick child can forget their worries for a while and find the strength to continue!




 In 2021, the chronically ill son of Nicky van Tol

( owner of B-day Dreams ) was suprised with a opkikker day. 


This was such a wonderful experience! Lesley enjoyed this special day so much that he wants all sick children to experience such a wonderful day. That is why he has become an ambassador for the opkikker foundation since 2021.


We at B-day Dreams want to give him a helping hand, because every sick child deserves a special day so that they can forget that they are sick for a while.

That's why we donate €5.00 from every booking to Lesley's collection campaign. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to donate any additional contribution. On behave of Lesley and all the opkikker families we say thank u!